Friday, 25 June 2010

Summer's here

It took a while, but it seems that summer's arrived. We're melting and complaining about the heat - isn't that just typical?
The evening primroses are giving a wonderful display and now that the eucalyptus is recovering from its trauma the garden is looking pretty good. The cystus is quite spectacular and the peonies are coming on beautifully. All in all it's been a pretty good year for the garden.

There's been a bit of playing with Photoshop and plug ins to get this image - macro on an alstromera with an added marble bust with flood filter and ripples.

I've just completed the PSA advanced course, which was really good - it's made me work through a history of photography book which I should have done years ago and I've learned a bit along the way. Now I can get back to photography for the sake of the art again.

Life's pretty good just now!!


Here are some meanderings you may or may not find amusing.

I've put a few images to sample - there are more on our website - and otherwise it's just some ramblings about what we're doing.

It'd be good to hear from anyone who's interested in a bit of image manipulation, or creative photography in general.