Friday, 15 April 2011

A few Goths

Just realised that I haven't got many goths here, so it's time to rectify that. Here are some that I've been playing with (images not goths). I really enjoy the Goth Festivals - they're such fun people and very obliging for the camera.

Preach To The Converted

A few friendly Goths in St Mary's Church Graveyard - lots of HDR, effects and blending in this one. Don't you just love the goths?

The Betrothal

The same Preacher but a different place - this one uses the graveyard at St Stephen's Old Church in Robin Hoods Bay - and a few more goths too.


This is an image from the early Goth weekend this year. I've played with the effects a little on this one and placed the lovely girls in St Mary's Church graveyard.


Here are some meanderings you may or may not find amusing.

I've put a few images to sample - there are more on our website - and otherwise it's just some ramblings about what we're doing.

It'd be good to hear from anyone who's interested in a bit of image manipulation, or creative photography in general.