Monday, 31 January 2011

About Time Too

So the summer came and went and the winter too - It seems there's not enough time to do the things we want, never mind blog!! So here we are again - what's happened since July?

The best thing has been converting the old D70 to infrared. It's really opened up the possibilities, and you don't have to stick to straight infrared presentations. With the camera converted it's possible to take relatively fast images, where filters demanded long exposures, so tripods and no spontaneity.
I've upgraded to Lightroom 3, CS5, Photomatix 4 and lots of new filters so lots of new tricks.

I've had some success with exhibitions through PSA and it shuldn't be long before I get my first star rating in the Electronic Imaging Division.

I gave another talk at Whitby Photographic, but I left with the impression that most didn't know what I was talking about. Still - it gave me a bit of focus and I enjoyed putting it together.

Here are some of the bits I've played with:

Green Eyed Goth

Infrared image with adjustments and additions in Photoshop. It's entertaining to see the Goths in White!
You Are What You Eat - Vegetarian

This one's the start of a little project to show the results of different diets. Most of the parts were taken in a light tent using telephoto and macro lenses - the fungi were taken in Sneaton forest.


Another that developed from an infrared image of a path in Sneaton forest, played with and coloured in Photoshop with me installed along with some of my instruments, warped keyboards, ghosts and musical notes for effect. The idea was to walk towards the light and coda is the last passage of a piece of music - it left me with not a happy feeling, but I like the image.

There are lots more bits of playing but no time again. I'll try and get back again soon - really!!


Here are some meanderings you may or may not find amusing.

I've put a few images to sample - there are more on our website - and otherwise it's just some ramblings about what we're doing.

It'd be good to hear from anyone who's interested in a bit of image manipulation, or creative photography in general.