Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Wiltshire and around

We had an excellent break based in Devizes. I had a few days to myself while Viv was at summer school, so be prepared for some strange images over the next few months. Here's the first:

Fishers of Men

Bits of Stonehenge with a dummy from the Bath Museum of Fashion and a salmon netter from Sandsend. And then there's this one:


Well, not really but it's fun - stairs at Old Wardour Castle, with a bit of jiggerypokery and an added goth.

This one was caused by a mistake:


I used an unplanned blending mode during the processing of the stitched images which resulted in this strange colour balance, but one I'm quite happy with.

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Here are some meanderings you may or may not find amusing.

I've put a few images to sample - there are more on our website - and otherwise it's just some ramblings about what we're doing.

It'd be good to hear from anyone who's interested in a bit of image manipulation, or creative photography in general.